Sunday, February 22, 2009


Here is where Jason and I stayed in Avila. It's the Avila Village Inn. It's super nice. You get your own private hot tub on a balcony and all! I highly recommend it for a little local getaway!
Here is Jason at the coffee shop that we thought Jason's brother recommended (and also below it is the inside...funky cool!) We walked blocks and blocks and blocks to get here. Then we found out that it was the WRONG coffee shop and that the one Jason's brother recommended was about two blocks away! haha. At least it was good coffee! :-)

Here is the hotel that we stayed in San Fran. It's a boutique style hotel called The Inn at the Opera! Very cute and central! We really enjoyed it!

Hotel elevator picture! Jason looked the wrong way! :-)

Here are some "seeing the sites" pictures:
Chinatown area. It's was where they all played games together! We were the only white people! :-)
Black bean cake thing!!! It's was good until I got to the egg yolk in the center! Blah!

The ACTUAL coffee shop we were in pursuit of...which was AMAZING! Best coffee ever. There chocolate in their hot chocolate was to yummy too!

This picure is called, "Anna is NOT addicted to coffee!" haha.


Hope you enjoyed our pictures!!!! -Jason and Anna

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Welcome to Jason and I's new blog! It's pretty much like the other one...just with a new url.

Well, Jason and I have been married for two weeks now. It's gone by fast. In some ways though it feels longer. We went on our honeymoon and then hit the ground running when we got back. We finished moving him, combined bank accounts, took care of all my name change stuff, sent in for a new passport (I have a month to get my new one...yikes!), started packing at the Jeffrey's, spent time with both sides of the family, moved into our new abode...and it goes on. We were non-stop Sun-Wed. It was exhausting. Things are sort of simmering down but as each day passes, Chile gets closer and closer.

So, we live in Morro Bay now. I LOVE it. It's such a cute town. I think I would be ok if we lived here for longer but it's such a treat to be able to live here for the month before we go to Chile. We go on walks, yesterday we went running down to Cayucos, we found a great coffee shop. I love it. Our house is soooo cute too! We have pictures but Jas forgot the camera cord so I will post it after he goes into SLO today. I will also post some honeymoon pics.

So, things are going well. Chile is less than a month away. I can't believe it. Now that the wedding is over it's setting in a little. On our honeymoon I got pretty sad about the whole thing. I think it was a lot of change in too little time. Going to Chile probably sounds insane...maybe it is but I also think that this is where the Lord is leading us and where He leads, we will go!

Overall we've had three reactions to us going to Chile. One, is that people are totally supportive and understand that this is actually moving towards a career goal. They understand that you can in fact raise children abroad and have a family. The second reaction is that they think it's super cool but they think it's just a temporary adventure. (We acknowledge that we haven't had kids and that we are very naive in this area. I think though that when people think of raising a family abroad they think of traveling with kids. That's crazy. But, if you have a home in a different country and a job it seems similar to the US...just a different environment and surrounding.) The last reaction is one of, "Hmmm, that's uh, interesting." This is definitely the minority reaction.

I guess it is a little "abnormal" to do what we are doing. We're excited though and hope and pray that the Lord continues to open new doors for us. Please pray for us too. We really hope to be able to connect with the locals. Although Chile is a more Catholic nation there is actually an evangelical church in the city that we will live in. We hope to get connected with that or some other Christian group.Anyways, that's all for now! Thanks for reading. Pics to come soon! Yay!