Friday, September 30, 2011

A Busted Brain Bullet Post

  • The brain has been feeling a bit fatigued as of late.  I feel super tired and forgetful and just...brain dead.  Jason has an insane schedule this semester and I think it's affecting (I always get confused on when to use affect and effect) the both of us.  On top of that for the last 3 weeks I've been working 9 1/2 hr days with only Sundays off.  bleh.  My co-worker is on vacation and I think I'm going to need one too when she get's back. 
  • I want a new surfboard (new to me anyways).  I would like a longboard.  The thought of selling bags on etsy with the goal of saving up for a surfboard makes me feel much more motivated to get cracking on the sewing thing.  :)  Imagine that?!
  • SAS shoes.  Have you ever wondered why almost every female over 65 wear those things?  There's got to be something to it.  I mean really.  Since they're so very hideous they must be unbelievably comfortable, like clouds on your feet or something.  I have a feeling I'm going to try them on one day and it's going to be one of those "Ah-Ha Moments".  Probably similar to the moment when I realized that MPH stands for Miles per Hour.  I bet I'll regret all the years I didn't wear SAS shoes and wish I could go back.  I can't wait to turn 65...
  • I have been digga-lickin asymmetric sweaters lately...well, asymmetric jackets, shirts, anything really.  Actually I just LOVE sweaters in general.  So cozy, comfy.  I've seen a few asymmetric beauties that have caught my eye lately but they've all been over $60 and there just ain't no way.  I almost never pay more than $20 for any article of clothing...except my Ugg boots.  :)  Shoes are different though.  Shoes are worth paying the money for. Anyways Captain Planet, I saw a lovely floppy asymmetric sweater at Old Navy that was much more affordable and I splurged.  It was a little gift to myself for all the extra overtime I've been putting in.  Oh yay.  It's this one, but in brown...which they don't have online.  :)  Some woman behind me in line was even impressed with my fantastic taste and went and got one for herself.  You're welcome strange lady behind me in line. :)
  • 3 consecutive months is all I can take of San Francisco.  I like living here but I need to get out...every 3 months.  Right about this time I start getting stir crazy and desiring open fields and isolation from people.  I start to feel myself conforming to the SF ways in driving especially.  (Just so you know, I think people in SLO drive like old people now.  That wasn't the case before.  Ooops.)  Unfortunately we have almost 2 months until Thanksgiving where we are scheduled to go home.  Oh mercy! 
  • Today I dispensed a pair of glasses. As the guy was leaving he popped his head back in the door and said, "You sure are pretty."  He was 89.  ha!  Nice.  I like mine with hearing aides and bifocals! :)
And that's it.

No mas para tu!


Have a super fantastic bodacious weekend.  I will be working.  Cry with me now.  Maybe I'll wear my new sweater to console myself.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Morning Woe and Some To-Do's

**I was planning on posting this at 10:30am...when I was writing it.  But, we realized all of a sudden that jiu-jitsu was at 11:00am, not 11:30am causing us to book it out of here and so I didn't post.  So let us go back in our minds and pretend that it is 10:30am.  Oh, by the way, when we got there we found out that jiu-jitsu starts at NOON.  poo.  Oh well. :)**

What shall I blog about today eh?

Well, first...I am in mourning.  I woke up today and it was just like every other day.  The first thing I thought of as I woke up this morning and glanced over at my sleeping husband was how much I absolutely and adoringly LOVE...

my piping hot cup of coffee.

I rolled out of bed and groggily put the coffee pot together.  After the brown gold was done, sitting in it's beautiful clear carafe where I can gaze deep into it's lovely brown hues, I poured myself a cup, breathing in it's reviving scent.  I poured some sugar in, went to the refrigerator, opened the door, grabbed that half and half which transforms by beloved from a beautiful rich brown to a beckoning creamy color and poured.  "Drop" "Drop".  As minion would say in Despicable Me, Whaaaaaaaaaaat?" (Seriously, we love that part.  We mimic it all the time) But back to why I'm in mourning.  And that was it.  Two drops of half and half.  My coffee did not become a creamy golden color but a dingy brown.  And then...I cried and whined and threw a tantrum.  Currently I am semi-composed enough to right this post.  But I still feel a little unstable.  Alright.  Moving onward.  Baby steps.  Baby steps.  (We watched that movie last night.  I love the library)  :)

Seriously, what the freak is wrong with the enter key.  I press it and it does nothing.  Why must things change?  Facebook.  Blogger.  I am totally going to be that old person who refuses to conform with the new changes and technologies of society.  "Crazy kids.  Back in MY day I used to press the enter key and it moved the cursor down to the next line."  

Oooh, it worked that time.

But not that time.  baaaaah!

Anyways, plans for today involve going to San Mateo.  I'm dropping the J-Man off at the Jiu Jitsu  academy there so that he can train with a guy that he likes...he usually goes to the San Fran one since he can walk there.  I shall be going to the gym while he's doing that since it's like 2 blocks away.  They rerouted the whole bouldering "cave" and it's so fun to be challenged by new routes.  Bummer part though was that I have been working on one route for a while and they stinking took it down.  Boo.  Now I'll never finish it and will die thinking about "the route that beat me".  Ok, that might be a tad dramatic. But yeah.  After the gym/jiu jitsu we're heading to Costco to eat pizza, get our tires rotated/filled, and buy ridiculous quantities of things that we probably don't need THAT much. 

I also NEED to:
-wash the car
-buy fabric
-sew and fill my empty etsy shop...but I'm feeling very unmotivated.  hmmm.
-clean my house
-do laundry
-grocery shop
-plan a menu for this week (homemade raviolis are SO in my futuro)

Things I WANT to do:
-not wash the car and just buy a brand new clean one.
-not clean my house and hire a housekeeper
-not do laundry...and just buy whole new wardrobes for us both.
-well, I like meal planning and food shopping...but I'd like to NOT work within a budget and make highly expensive gourmet meals every night.

I feel so conflicted (by such highly realistic alternatives).....

Anyways, I guess that's it.  A incredibly informative blog that probably kept you at the edge of your seat.

Adios.  Happy Saturday!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

F-O-O-D spells Food.


This is a blog post all about food.


Because I think about it far, far too much.  I LOVE food. 

This love for food/cooking goes back to when I used to make "dinner" for my family in middle school.  I wanted to start making dinner so my mom handed me a box of Hamburger Helper and said, "go at it girlfriend".  Well...maybe not those words exactly.  :)  When cooking up the ground beef I used to pull chunks out and experiment with our seasonings...chili powder, garlic powder, name it.  I'd sprinkle different combos on it and eat it up...judging whether I had created something successful or something that was a flop.  Good times.  I have now graduated out of Hamburger Helper meals but I feel like that was the beginning for me.  I have spread my wings and fully embraced organic, whole foods, and yet also love to cook something fried, unhealthy, and oh so yummy.  It's all good in my book.

Dinner cooking is not a chore I dislike or begrudgingly do.  I love it (usually).  :) ... I thoroughly and completely and most utterly deplore dishes.  Terrible combo.  Cooking creates dishes.  It's sorta like loving to surf but hating to rinse your wetsuit...oh wait, yeah, I don't like to do that either.  So, it's like...loving to mountain bike but hating to clean your bike...yep, can't stand that either.  (Apparently I just have issues with cleaning in general :)  )

So here are some random thoughts I've had in regard to food lately...divided into categories.

Cost:  I feel like in general we should be paying more for our food.  Like super discounted meat and vegetables sorta creep me out...especially meat.  I would rather NOT eat meat then eat meat that is pumped full of junk.  Because of this I only get the good expensive stuff, and because of THIS we don't eat meat often.  Keeps the cholesterol down I guess.  :)  If I could, I would raise our food budget.  But I can't.  Oh well.  Maybe one day.  'Till then we will be nominal vegetarians.

My "Tastes": So, as I said, I love food.  With that comes a very heightened level of what I call snobbery.  Some people like to call it being a "foodie".  I call it snobbery :).  Two things though.  If I pay money for the food i.e. restaurants...I'm a serious snob.  BUT if food is made personally for me (by my mom, Jason's mom, anyone's mom, neighbor, brother, stranger) it tastes so much better than anything I make or go out to buy.  Not sure why.  My own food preparation seems to diminish the flavor for me...slightly.  I've heard of people that totally have no appetite to eat what they prepare.  Not me.  But it does rob a little of the joy.  Not sure why.  Maybe the surprise element is gone since I know exactly what I put into it.  If I don't make it and go to someone's house for dinner...those are some of the best meals ever.  yum.

I have food dreams.

Dreams about food.  When I'm asleep and when I'm awake.  The sleep one's usually involve me cooking something weird and eating it.  The latest?  The leaves from my tomato plants.  Jason convinced me that we were supposed to eat them and I believed him.  Oh that sneaky instigator.   When I'm awake, I kinda sometimes dream about opening a cafe' of sorts.  Oooh.  Deep dark confession.  I don't usually share my least the one's I aspire to attain (ie. NOT cooking with tomato leaves) :)  Feel privileged.  I know you do.

Warring Factions Within: I feel torn though about the fact that we live in a world of plenty and yet there are those who barely have enough to survive/do not have enough to survive.  That breaks my heart.  I often feel guilty turning my nose up at something.  Really guilty.  Every.single.time I ever throw something out that's old...usually something we just didn't "feel like" eating I think about someone who needs that very unwanted food to SURVIVE.  ugh.  I want to make a difference...some how...and have it involve food.  I've had some grand, lofty ideas.  Maybe one will come to fruition one day ;).

And a completely random thing.  How do you like your cookies?  Soft or crunchy?  I like mine chewy I think.  Chewy in the middle with a slight thin, outer rim of crunch.  There you have it.  Anyways, made cookies tonight and I found a recipe that actually attained such a texture.  Amazing.  The difference?  It has you add corn syrup and water...just a bit.  Interesting.

And there you have it.  Random thoughts on food.  Not sure why the heck I just wasted a half hour of my dear precious life enlightening you on something that it probably NOT up your alley buuuut...take it or leave it.  And I mean, it IS my blog so I can write whatever I darn well please.  :)

Come back next time for recipes with "Tomato Leaves".

"Saaaave the Liver!!!"

Seriously, you should check out some old Julia Childs videos from the library.  Hillarious!  She's sort of a disaster/genius in the kitchen and it makes me laugh.

All right.  I'm really done.  Adios amigos bonitos.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The BEST 7 minutes of your day...I promise!

Olay Hola! 

I have dinner in the oven and I was thinking.  Wouldn't it be cool if you had an oven that was an oven AND a  refrigerator all at the same time.  Like you could make your lasagna the night before, put it in the oven but on the cold setting and then have an automatic timer that turned the oven on at certain time...allowing for dinner to be done and piping hot when you get home!  That would be awesome.  I want one.  Do they already make one of those? I bet.  I'm not particularly "inventful"...that is so not a word.  So, if I came up with it than I KNOW someone else has.  Although when I told Jason about my freakishly awesome idea he sort of just looked at my like I was some sort of fool.  Speaking of fool. 

Two of my new favorite words to call people.  (And they are SO positive and uplifting)...

Tool and fool.

For example, I'm in traffic, some maniac cuts me off...I proceed to tailgate him and yell, "You crazy Fool!"
.....Why is it that when I press "Enter" it goes to the beginning of the paragraph that I was just typing?....

This blogger is a Tool!  :)

Good example, no?

Ok, in all seriousness.

There was a bird on the highway today that got hit.  Whenever someone drove by the wind picked the wing up and made it flap.  haha.  It made me laugh.

Oh, and have you seen The Help.  Oh my gosh.  Loved it and I cried like a baby.  I won't give anything away but let's just say I have a serious soft spot for old folks and it took all that I had within me not to blubber and "ugly cry" right there in the theater at one part.  ugh.  If I think about it I can make myself cry again.  I proved this thoroughly well to Jason.  I think he was impressed.  :)  Anyways, you should see it.

I wonder if dinner is done.  I shall check.  Mmmm.  Que rico.  It 'tis done and I shall go eat.  You are very welcome.  For what?  For my most awesome blog post ever!  Adios!  Don't be such a Tool!