Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Our Life Lately...Uncensored! :)

Ok, so uncensored makes it feel a little scandalous. Really though, all I meant is that the pictures I am about to post are all me. Not edited even slightly. It's so easy to make photography look good with programs like Picnik but...that takes time. Of which I have very little of now. So, here are some pictures of our life in all of my horrible picture taking glory. (Seriously, I am a REALLY bad picture taker. I'm the notorious "blurry picture" girl. I can't just push the button. I have to move the whole camera when I do it. Nice. Oh well.)

Ok, so here are a couple of views from our lovely abode in MB. Loving the GREEN hills. This is our back view.
The picture below is a view from another direction, from our balcony actually. We also get a sweet view of some power lines and a weird hotel. hehe. Can't get it all eh?

The picture below is another little view and this is where I look to tell what the surf looks like! SO NICE! In SLO you had to drive to really know. Here, I look out my window. haha.

The picture below is some evidence of our more whole foods diet that we are on....
And here is some MORE evidence of our whole food diet...chocolate's a whole food right? :) (Note: These were the most chocolatey and yummy cookies. They were crisp on the outside and soft and yummy on the inside.)
And HERE is Jason's birthday cake. It was my first go at fondant. The fondant was smooth and cool to use. The recipe was REALLY easy too. The fish I molded from marzipan. My actual cake part was a bit lumpy...so, the fondant didn't lay as smooth as I wanted. REALLY cool to use though! So fun. And it actually DID taste good. Jason loved it. He actually peeled it off just to eat it!

And this is a close up of "Franky"...the fish. I named him. So, it was supposed to be a "fishing cake" but that just got to be too complex so it was a "fish cake" instead. Anyways, can't wait to make my next one.
And now I'm done! The End.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Plans for the Day and Some Stinkin' Cute SuNGlaSsEs...

Today, is overcast :( Tomorrow it's supposed to rain, double :(. But despite that, Jason and I are about to hit the surf. *GASP*. Yeah, I haven't touched a board since I started mountain biking....PATHETIC! It's just too hard to do both. We usually go mountain biking in the morning and normally, you go surfing in the morning. Well, now I'm free to explore other "morning sports". We'll see how I do. haha. Is it a bad sign that my left arm is already sore from me holding a pile of clothes for a long time at the thrift store??? :) Maybe.

Welp, I'm excited to do another sport with The Jas. We haven't had anything to do together (sport wise) in a while. He doesn't really love to run...especially when he could just hop on his bike instead! :) Anyways, kinda stoked. Later this afternoon we are taking a drive up north and hitting a new Vietnamese Restaurant. I'm so excited! I'm going to have a Vietnamese Sandwich. yum!

Finally, I am investing in some absolutely CUTE sunglasses. I have never paid more than $20 for sunglasses. Did you know though that when you buy cheapy sunglasses that the lenses are actually not good for your eyes...that it could hurt them more than they do good. When sunglasses are cheap they use a cheaper material for the lens which in turn has a lower optical quality. Some people are very susceptible to it. It takes me forever to find a pair that I can tolerate because the low optical quality actually makes me feel sick (as if I were to put on an Rx pair of glasses that weren't my own). So, I usually don't wear them. Then one day I put on Jason's mountain biking Oakleys and...perfect. They were just fine. Even if you don't FEEL like they are doing damage...they are. Especially if you have good eyesight! haha. And there's my 2 cents that I learned from working at an Optometry office. So, we got me some glasses and they are SOOooooOO cute. And I definitely didn't pay the $150 retail for them haha. Here they are! My girly aviators! Love them.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Visit...

Wow, two blogs in one week! Not bad eh? I remember when I was a Bloggin' Queen! Welp, last night Jason got back from a stint in San Fran. He has been gone for two days in S.F. checking out a school. This is the one that offered him the money honey. When he first got home he was too mind numbingly tired to even think about whether the school was a legitimate possibility. The main down sides at this point are the California budget cuts that are affecting all public schools. Because of this they are offering less courses per semester. This may cause for him to finish something that would normally take 2 years in 2.5 year. We aren't in love with that idea. We'll see.

You can definitely be praying for him as we need to make some serious decisions in the next month...um, more like in the next week, haha! Crazy but cool stuff! :) Oh, and Jason also just got an acceptance letter from University of Arizona today. haha. Apparently Obama did the graduation speech for the Master's students last year. I think he went there or something. I don't know. It's a very good school though but it's just a little too "research based" where are we are looking for a more hands on program. Who knows. We will be praying for sure and will fill y'all in when WE know! :) Oh, and I also got a Timbuk2 bag today at the thrift store for $3! Dang darn awesome! :) (If you dont know what a Timbuk2 bag is then...nevermind. It's not worth explaining. If you do know then you will join me in my happiness. The bag is in GREAT condition and has a laptop holder in it. Neat-o bandito! If you want to know what they are then go to their website timbuk2.com :)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Me Gusta mis Zapatos Nuevos!

Yesterday I bought these...because I am running THIS run...

with THIS person...

MY PA! :) Sssh, don't tell him but I'm planning on CREAMIN' him! :) I think he'll leave the guns behind though.

Anyways, we're running the 25k which is about 15.5 miles. It's in about 4 months. I kind of wanted to do the 50 k but my dad said..."that's just not healthy." haha. Yeah, 30 miles is a bit much. I'm thinking too that it's just going to be two loops of the 25k and so it may get a little...boring. Also there's the small fact that I probably couldn't actually COMPLETE a run that long! :) 15.5 miles in Montana de Oro is going to be a lot tougher than 15.5 miles on road. I've rode those trails back there and there are some pretty steep places.
As for the shoes...

So, I am an AVID Asics user. I have some-what narrow feet so for the most part NB's don't work, they are too wide. Nike's are ok but I feel like the sole doesn't last as long. So, I wear Asics. They are great. Recently I have discovered Mizuno. These are also really REALLY nice shoes. I love the support they give, the flexibility and the rigidness...all in a nice neat package. So, as for road shoes I choose those two brands (usually Asics though since on average Mizunos seem to be about $90 where are Asics seem to be about $75.)

Recently though I have moved away from road running and have been trail running. It's better for your joints, it's beautiful, and it's a tad more challenging. When I took up mountain biking I basically abandoned running because it fulfilled those reasons just listed. Well, since mountain biking is out of the picture I've turned to trail running and just LOVE it.

I was looking for a pair of shoes that would work more for trails (my running shoes are about toast). I wanted it to be stiffer. I tried lots of shoes and honestly some of them were so stiff that it felt like I had tied a set of bricks to my feet. So, I ventured out to Salomon which is a great outdoor brand. The best part are the cinches for laces. No more untied shoes while running! :) Honestly these are possibly the most comfy shoes I've ever had and they were worth every penny!

So, in a few months I'll be running that race above. I'm really excited. If I can do that I'd like to do a marathon...but a trail marathon. There is a great one in the Redwoods...we'll see! :)