Monday, November 29, 2010

I'm done.

Well, I'll say it like it is...I'm a quitter.

The photo thing was a good idea...I had good intentions buuuuuuuuut...I'm done.

It's just tedious to search through all the pictures upon pictures. Also, some of the pictures at the beginning were easy buy some of the more recent one's are a little more interesting and hard to come a drunk picture? hahaha. Not sure that anyone has ever snapped a picture of me during my many times I've been drunk. Ok, so maybe I haven't been drunk before. I was a little buzzed once. I downed a glass of really yummy red wine with out eating first. My lips went numb and I decided that it was a good idea to tell my father and mother in law this new development in my physical state. Let's just say they thought it was hilarious and I have yet to live that one down. haha.

Anyways, T-Day was quite great. We went down south (we were one of THOSE people who had to drive somewhere on the holiday, WEIRD!). We spent a couple of days with my parents and a couple of days with Jason's parents. I got a little bit of Christmas shopping done while down there because it is CRAZY up here. I can't even tell you how many times I have been rammed with a cart and not a peep comes out of the mouth of the perp. Maybe a sorry? Nope. This is before Christmas shopping started so I would like to avoid shopping up here if I can.

We're getting back into the swing of things after 4 days off. Jason only has a couple of more weeks of the semester left. It's weird to realize that he's half way through his first year. Crazy how time flies. I'd imagine too that the rest of the time is only going to go by faster.

Oooh. We have a tree. We spent a whopping $20 on the tree, $4 on the lights, $3 on ornaments, $1 on the star...oh and $1 on the candy canes that we're just going to eat anyways. I love Target and I love Home Depot who sell small Noble Firs for $20. I thought we'd have to settle for a Douglas Fir since usually those are the cheaper ones. Anyways, our camera is dead and we can't find the charger but as soon as we find it we'll post a pic.

Adios :)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Catalytic Converter and A Barbie Cake

What do these two things have in common? Not much...other than they were both a part of our weekend. So...let's start with the catalytic converter.

Last night around 5:30 or so my co-worker went out back to throw away some trash. We park our cars behind our office building and she noticed two guys next to my was bent over beneath it. She yelled out, "What are you doing?" and came and got me. Then I said, "Um? What are you doing near my car?" The guys were all, "We're just working on our car." They had their car hood open. It seemed weird and I told my co-worker to keep the back door open. I foolishly thought, "What could they want with our old truck, I'm sure it's fine. Maybe they dropped something under my truck." As soon as they realized that we saw them though...they took off. My co-worker said that she thought I should go check my car and turn it on. I looked around, the doors were still locked, everything looked alright. I then got into the car, turned it on...and wow, what a sound. They stole the catalytic converter. Apparently it has platinum in it and they can trade it in and get a whole whopping $50 or so for it.

So, after calling the cops, Jason, and my dad we made the decision that I would go ahead and drive the 20 miles home and my co-worker would follow me. The truck was so embarrassingly loud. It was like a ghetto rice rocket times 10. My ears were ringing. Of course to top it all off there was an accident on the freeway that made the whole trip stop and go. It took me an hour to get home and I drove primarily in 1st and 2nd gear...the loudest of them all. haha.

Today we had it fixed and $215 later we have a car that no longer sounds like it's on the verge of blowing up. Really sad though being that we don't exactly have a lot of flex money. :(. Oh well. 'Tis life.


So I made a Barbie cake. Well, a "Dollar Tree Barbie Equivalent" Cake. My co-worker's niece turned 4 today and she was going to spend about $100 on a Barbie Cake. (Apparently her niece went to the bakery with her and that was the one she picked out) I told her I could do it...for nothing :) It may not be quite so perfect as the store bought one but it would certainly be cheaper. It was my first go at significant piping. I made the light pink and white parts out of fondant (oh, and her hair tie haha) and the rest is good old butter cream. It was pretty fun...and VERY pink!***(Added the next day) And in case you weren't sure as to whether I have a cake baking problem...I made a baby turtle for Jason the next day with the extra fondant. I was going to make a bigger cake but it fell apart (awesome) and so I mixed it all together with a little buttercream frosting...smashed it into balls, through some fondant on it....BABY TURTLES! Yay. (Pardon the dusting of powder sugar still on him...apparently he hadn't been cleaned off before the picture...the very blurry picture)****

Thursday, November 18, 2010

I already forgot I was doing this! Day 7

Day 7: A photo of someone you love
Alright. So, I'm going to do the obvious because after looking through my pictures I have realized that I don't have many pics of family. I was also hoping for a pic of my dear amigo Cliff who I used to take care of but lo' and behold...none of him either.

So...I love this man! He's athletic, tan, buff, and good at so many things it blows my mind. He's also incredibly sweet and patient with me and seems to fill in where I lack just perfectly. Yay! What a guy and he's all mine mine mine.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Day 6:

A photo that makes you laugh...

I'm not entirely sure why this is funny to me...or Jason. Maybe it's because we have deemed the photo "Fat Anna". In other words...what my legs would look like if I had a bit more meat on my bones (ok, a lot more meat on my bones). This is the fruit of a nearly 48 hour traveling trip to Sri Lanka. It was my 2nd trip and this certainly did not happen the 1st time. It took about 2 days for my ankles to finally go back down to a normal size. It was REALLY uncomfortable...especially in the 90 degree weather with 100% humidity. blak. It's a small taste of being pregnant! ;)

Note: this has never happened since this time either. Whenever I'm on the plane though I make sure that I move my ankles and legs a lot. I think the coma inducing sleeping pill helped my fat leg syndrome a great deal. I wasn't exactly moving around and keeping the circulation going during my 12 hour snooze! (ha! 12 hours! Can you imagine?!) Slept great...and woke up 70 lbs heavier in the legs! :)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Photo Challenge? I'm in.

Alright, I'm catching up so I can be on the same photo as this hot mama!

Day 1: My facebook profile picture.
This picture was taken quite some time ago. I put it up on my facebook profile for two reason. #1. I like that shirt. #2. I feel like I look noticeably younger. It's weird to be looking at pictures of me as an actual adult and still be able to say, "Wow, I was younger looking then."

Day 2: A photo of yourself a year ago.This was literally about a year ago to the day. We were at the bus station in Copiapo saying goodbye to everyone. We were on our way to a much needed vacation in the south of Chile and then....back to the USA. So strange to realize that it's almost been a year since we were living in Chile. It sort of feels like a dream.

Day 3: A photo that makes you happyThis picture was taken in New Orleans during demo that we did after Katrina happened. The BEST trip I think I've done yet. It's funny to me that out of every where I've been I was most fulfilled and blessed right here in the USA, helping the people of my own country. Now the reason why I look like I'm going to rob a bank is because I had just ran up to the guy on the ladder and pretended like I was going to rob HIM. It actually scared the crud out of him! hahaha. Good times. We were all laughing pretty hard.

Day 4: A photo of the last place you went on holiday.The south of Chile! I'm modeling my butt-pad that I'm about the slide down the face of the volcano on. :)

Day 5: A photo of you.
This photo was taken in Sri Lanka (I think I'm like 19 or something...maybe 20 tops) and is pretty much the ugliest photo ever. haha! So, there you go. Don't you like my bedazzle? One of the girls at the orphanage gave it to me and it would hardly stick because my face was so oily from the humidity. I remember them being puzzled on why it wasn't sticking and kept trying over and over to push it on my face. Obviously their skin was a bit more acclimatized to that weather! :)

Friday, November 5, 2010

Bullet Post

Seriously, I love "bullet posts." I'm pretty sure I think in this way. No real, clear transition from one thought to another. Just thought. Thought. Thought. Anyways, so here are some of those thoughts for your reading enjoyment.

  • I have homemade pizza in the oven which is my go-to meal. It's somewhat fast and oh so good! Date Nite involves us staying in tonight. We already spent our date night money earlier in the week to get burritos so we could watch the last game of the world series on their big TV.
  • I have realized that the majority of our lives involve "waiting," waiting for SOMETHING always. So why are we all still so impatient? It seems like we'd be used to it by now.
  • The pizza will be done in 4 minutes! Yay!
  • I got a tip today. From this incredibly cute and stubborn old lady. She told me to get coffee with it...$10. haha. I told her $10 was too much for coffee. She told me to go get really good coffee. All that for changing out her nose pads. Nice.
  • Today we got a thermostat so that we can turn the heater on...when we eventually need it. I guess that's good but being I love the heat and heat is expensive...I'm afraid it may be too much of a temptation. Hefty heating bills are definitely no bueno.
  • It's now the next day....Saturday morning. I got tired of typing, wanted to eat my then we watched Toy Story 3.
  • Jason is off getting the truck smogged. Is "smogged" an actual word? I'm a little nervous because the "check engine" light has come on a couple of times. We got it diagnosed and they said that it was most likely some dumb little gauge that is slowly failing. That dumb little gauge is about $200. The light always turns off though so we haven't done much about it. The guy told us how to reset it so it won't show up when we get it smogged (I guess it can read if the check engine light has come on). If it doesn't pass...we can't register it. Blah. Oh to have even just a "newish" car. I LOVE the truck though. It's named and everything so it will be a sad day when it has to be retired.
  • San Francisco is in general cold and damp. Especially where we live. Mold has become and issue and Jason FREAKS over it haha. Poor guy. SLO has no mold's nice and dry. The only real experience he has had with mold is doing demo in New Orleans which was mold to the 10th degree. Good gosh. SO MUCH and SO THICK from the floor to the ceiling. So, the slightest amount wigs him out. I have a little more experience being that we lived in North Carolina and it's nice and humid there. I still don't like it either way. Lame. It takes a fair amount of work to keep on it.
  • I am so excited for Thanksgiving. To go home and escape the big city. My parent's house is the epitome of escaping the city...about 20 minutes outside of a not so big city, nestled in the middle of 10 open acres. Nice. I'm ready for some good food, family time, and just to...relax.
  • I love bleach. Yep. It helps with mold. It also cleans my plastic shower curtain but most of whitens my 15 white t-shirts and my white duvet cover for our down comforter. I love white. My favorite outfit involves comfy jeans, rainbow sandals, and a white tank top...or any white t-shirt for that matter. White is so crisp and clean...especially with the aid of bleach.
  • I've been playing the guitar more and I am hoping to take a guitar playing class at the local JC. I think I've hit the wall on what I can teach myself. I've also been playing worship for our small group (well, I've done it once). It's REALLY stretching for me. I'm not an on the spot performer. I like to make people laugh in an impromptu problem. But when it involves me being serious...I feel like that is way more vulnerable.
  • I am determined to do some deep cleaning today soooo...I'm off. Have a great weekend guys. Sleep in! Oh wait. Most of you guys probably have little kids. Hmmm. Welp, better you then me! hahahah. Ok, that was mean. Sorry. My deepest apologies! :0)