Saturday, July 31, 2010

We Chose...

House #2!
(I totally feel like I'm on "House Hunters")

The two main reasons were the proximity to Jason's school and the washer and dryer! :) It will cost more to live there since we will be footing our own utilities and what not, but all in all I think we will be much happier not spending our Saturdays at the laundry mat. I think Jason will appreciate not having to ride a bus for an hour each way every day for school too!

So, our moving truck is all ready! We finished packing at 12:30pm (pretty good eh?). Jason's cousin came and helped us move the heavy stuff into the truck which was AWESOME! Tomorrow morning we head out at around 7am and begin our life in San Francisco. Crazy stuff. We're super excited. It feels pretty surreal as of now but I think it will all set in once we role into our new drive way. On Monday I start my new job! Lots and lots of change. But, change is good...usually :) The good news too is that we really aren't that far from home so...we can visit if we need a break from the fog!

In other news...a blog post from about 2 months ago of mine was taken the copyright people who manage the blog world. :) hehe. I think I copy and pasted a pretty picture from the Internet of Morro Rock. Hmmm. Oh well. So, watch out! Big Brother Internet copyright man may come to get you too! Unless I'm the only one in the world who's done that. ;) Probably not huh?

**Tip of the Day: When moving to a new city where you will be driving two seperate vehicles, do not pack your cell phone chargers (both of them) at the bottom of the truck in some unidentified box unless you are 100% certain that your phones have a full battery. If you don't heed this advice you may realize that both your phones are dead and you suddenly have no way to tell the handsome man in front of you in the Budget moving truck that your 3rd cup of coffee has finally caught up with you and you really REALLY have to go...NOW! :)

No worries, this scenario never played out but it was certainly a possibility until the smart female in this relationship thought to go to the Verizon store and tell them our pitiful story. Pat my own back! They're charging right now and will be ready for pick-up in one hour! :)

Friday, July 30, 2010

I Have...

an eye twitch.

Because I'm so tired
From packing...
aaaand packing...
and packing...

packing things that I didn't even know we had.

Only to not use it in the next place we live.

Seriously folks! We have no kids. We've been married a year and a half...10 months of that we lived abroad and literally bought nothing! How in the heckety heck can we have so much stuff? I don't think of ourselves as material people but after this move...I'm thinking a little differently! hehe :)

Anyways, we have a lot to do...
Time to geter dun.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

SF here we come!

Well, I have a job! Yay. I'll be working about a half an hour south of San Francisco at an optometry office. I got the call on Friday. The doctors offered me the job and I accepted. It's funny. It's kind of like my first "big girl" job. They pay more than I've ever made before (the cost of living in SF makes up for that though), I get paid vacation/sick days, 401K, and benefits. Well, they help pay your premium on your health insurance each month. Better than nothing though! :)

Anyways, I start Aug 2nd. a week. haha. We don't exactly have a house but we have actually made some serious progress on that front. We have looked at houses two other times outside of yesterday and let's just say that we were a little disappointed. Then yesterday I lined up 6 places to look at, out of the 6...I would live in 4. Out of the four one was a bit higher in price and too far for Jason so we scratched that. Another was ok but it required me to commute down a road that was a little nuts on I can't imagine what it would be like on a Monday morning. So, we scratched that one. This leaves two REALLY good options. One is in Daly City. The other is in a neighborhood close to SFSU. We wish we could combine the two and make one perfect option can't happen. So, what do YOU think is better?

Option #1: Daly City
1 hour commute on bus for Jason
25 min. commute to work for me
-1 bed/1bath
-$1300/month with utilities including wifi
-no washer and dryer
-no real place to store something like bikes
-comes with some furniture
-no oven, just a cook top
-all new remodeling, fresh paint, etc
-owner's of the house upstairs
-back entry...through the side of the house
-sunny open house

Option #2: SF City
prob. about 20 min. commute for Jason on bus
maybe about 1/2 hour commute for me
-technically 2 bed/1 bath.
-$1300/month w/o utilities
-no wifi-and we'll prob. need it for Jason's school
-includes washer and dryer
-can use some garage space to store bikes
-beautiful new oven :)
-remodeled and new interior
-weird entry but it's a front entry
-nobody living upstairs

So, what do YOU think? What would you choose? It's really a hard choice if you ask me!

Also, Jason found a Asian type bakery in SF. We went in to buy a treat and we were the only caucasians in that store, haha. That place was crazy! Anyways, we bought a mochi cookie and HOLY COW...yum o yum. It was so good. So, here's to moving to SF and eating more of those mochi cookies!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Some thoughts on Northward Moving...

I seriously can not figure out how in tarnations (how do you spell that?) it's been almost 2 weeks since my last post. Crazy beans. Where are the days going? Oh wait. Maybe between driving up to SF for interviews (what feels like every other day) and looking for a house (what feels like every waking second of my day), time has just escaped me.

So, this is going to be short but sweet.

We are out of our current, fantastic, lovely, and beautiful house on the 31st. The goal is to find a job and a house in SF by then.

We could use prayer. Prayer for patience, contentment, faith, love for one another, and just...just trusting in our Lord that He will provide all that we need in His good timing. It's hard not to dwell continually on looking for jobs and housing. Sometimes though, I just need to stop. Stop searching, stop thinking, stop hunting, applying, looking at Craigslist. I need to stop, and just meditate on our Lord. We need to trust and allow His peace to come over us.

Honestly, we are really nervous to move up to SF. You all who know us are probably totally aware of the fact that we are in no way big city peeps. We would choose open space over a bustling city any day. Yet, it SEEMS this is where the Lord is taking us...

So, tomorrow. Tomorrow I vow to not hunt for housing, not dwell on upcoming interviews, and not stress about what's to come. Tomorrow I take a break. Tomorrow I will pray more than I worry and praise more than I stress.


Monday, July 5, 2010

Interview Madness!

Oh my gosh, that's right I DO have a blog. Shoot dang, I totally forgot! :)

Anywho, I have been interviewing. Up in 'Frisco. :) hehe. I really don't like it when people call San Francisco, "Frisco". I have no idea why. It just sounds dorky. Do people from SF actually call it "Frisco"? I would imagine not. Who knows.

Anyways, the first interview was up on the Embarcadero at an optometry office. It went well but I really felt like the doctor needed someone with more experience as an optician. (*Note: There are three "opto titles". Opthamology deals with the health of your eyes and eye surgery. Optometry deals with the health of your eyes but more the prescription and vision portions of your eyes. An Optician is someone who adjusts glasses, fits them, fixes them, etc. They are not a doctor. That's more what I do...though I'm not highly experienced. *End note). So, I'm assuming I didn't get the above mentioned job because well, she never called me back, lol. Usually a bad sign. :)

Ok, so then I had another interview last weekend. Wow, that was interesting. Let's just say I thought I was interviewing for one job and it ended up being a different one. Don't worry. I figured it out BEFORE I walked into the interview. hehe. Crazy though.

And now it's Monday and I have NO work today which makes me very very happy. Hope everyone had a great 4th. Have a great week all! :)