Monday, August 29, 2011


Last Friday I turned the big 2-7.  Weird how close I'm getting to 30.  The even weirder thing...sometimes I think I'm older than I am.  I, for a split second thought I was over 30 and was thinking about what it would be like to turn 40.  Then I realized I hadn't even hit 30 yet.  It was a pleasant surprise.

So, we brought in my 27th year of life the right way...with the consumption of BOOZE.  Nah.  Just kidding.  With the consumption of SUSHI!  Jason "thought" he didn't like sushi but I was stubborn and insisted...since it was my bday.  Jason obliged and ended up really liking it.  haha!  Won him over!

Well, let's back it up a bit.

First I came home to this...

Then we went out and ate....this!

And this...

And this!

Wow. This new blog picture adder thing is L.A.M.E.  I am totally not computer savvy and this blogger thing is making a point of rubbing it in my face!

Anyways, then I received this gift that I was ever so surprised to get.  Look!  Look at my look of surprise...and my demon possessed eyes.  :)

And then I made a cake.

Awe.  It's so cute.  The outside is all case there is any question on that one! 

And now I'm going to publish this thing because from what I'm looking at it, this is going to be one seriously chaotic, disorganized post. Let's see...

Monday, August 22, 2011

Bullet Post

Every once in a while a "bullet post" is all I can muster.  Today is one of those days.  This allows me to throw up partial sentences/thoughts...which take a lot less thought...and time...which I like.  Here we gooooooo...

  • We have the cutest teenie baby tomatoes.  When I bought the plant I had no idea what the breed was.  Breed?  Is it called a breed?  Anyways, they are way smaller than cherry tomatoes.  I don't like cherry tomatoes in my salad unless they are cut up.  But the whole POINT of cherry tomatoes is to not cut them up...since they're so small.  The problem lies not in the flavor for me but the way they explode in your mouth when you eat them.  SICK.  I just can't take it.  These are smaller and don't do that.  Perfect for salads :)
  • Went to the gym on Sat.  Bliss.  I ran, I climbed.  I took a shower there and used their water (seriously, they have no idea to what degree I WILL get my moneys worth out of that place).  20 minute showers are in my future.  I am also sore.  And I totally and completely held back on purpose knowing that I would pay for it if I didn't.  I still paid for it but I think I will be recovered enough to go back again tomorrow.  
  • Yoga mats (still on the gym topic).  I'm in the market for a yoga mat but had NO idea that there are like 500 different one's to choose from...ranging from $10-$80.  I think I need a thicker one than normal though.  You see, I broke my tailbone...sometime at the latter end of high school (I think I know when but I'm not 100% sure).  I never went to the doctor though.  (I really wanted go to State for pole vaulting and I thought a doc might interfere with that).  Anyways, it grew/healed weird so that it sticks out a bit more that the average Joe's..or Jane's.  I was having lower back probs and I had an x-ray done my freshmen year of college.  That's when they told me.  haha.  So, my "tail" as Jason calls it starts to hurt if I sit on something hard for too long.  There you have it.  I have a tail.  Oh well.  Which yoga mat should I get? :)
  • I just thought I'd tell you that I can stick my fingers into a pot of boiling water and pull some spaghetti out to test it to see if it's done (if it's close to the top haha).  I know right?  I need to get out of the kitchen and do something worth while with my life. (Honestly I think it's because about 3 weeks ago I moved the shelf up in the broiler.  I store extra cookie sheets in there.  I used to be able to turn the oven on and then quickly pull out the cookie sheets.  They were hot but manageable.  Then I moved the shelf up, putting the cookie sheets quite close to the flame.  I forgot about that fact and grabbed that scalding sheet...that was probably about 400 degrees.  No more fingerprints.  haha.  Now I have calluses :)
  •  I'm making my own b-day cake and I'm a little excited about it.  :)
  • Jason starts school tomorrow.  I can't believe that the summer is over.  Wow.  It flew by.  I'm going to miss summer immensely. 
  • I want to play the guitar again.  I just can't gain the will power to practice the thing though.  So it sits in the corner of my living room.  :(  Poor lonely guitar
  • I love Lucy is totally funny.  We've been renting them from the library and I absolutely crack up.  I think I find it much more funny though than Jason does.  Not sure why?!  ;)
That's it.  I'm done.  I think I'll go watch I Love Lucy...or play the guitar...or dip my fingers into boiling water.  Adios.

Monday, August 15, 2011

SLO Bound and Back.

Well, I haven't been able to figure out the "not able to comment" thing...oh well.  I can just have a "read only" blog.  :)

I changed the header thingy-ma-bob so maybe that will do the trick. 

Anyways, Jason and I did a quick spontaneous trip down south and it was GLOR.I.OUS.  Oh the warmth made me ever so happy.  These San Francisco summers...well, let's just say it how it is...they SUCK.  Constant gloom and doom with a light layer of mist to keep you damp and cold.  blah-o-blah.  I complain about the weather far too much BUT...if you think I'm a whiner it's because you've never lived in dreary ole' SF and you have no room to judge.  What now!?  :]  Ok, I'm done with my pity party.

SLO was mighty lovely on Sat but Creston on Sunday...?  SO warm I almost cried when it was time to start the drive home to San Franny...and Jason literally whined and threatened to throw a temper tantrum...because he wanted to keep swimming and enjoy the sun and heat.  We're really mature huh?  We ate icecream, drank southern sweet tea, and enjoyed the pool and my family immensely.  Ah!  So refreshing.

In other news.

I sold another bag yesterday.  Cool yo.  I was just going to let the etsy posts expire and probably not renew them again.  But selling one produces more money to make more...and since Jason is heading off to school again next week.  Looks like I'm back in the biz :)  Might as well! We also did some back-to-school shopping last weekend.  Can I just say Running Warehouse is amazing?  We got the same shoes Jason was planning on getting for $30 less than at other places.  Wow.  I was totally impressed. 

Also, got a HUGE bday/Christmas gift.  Tall Chestnut Ugg boots.  Like the real thing :).  Not fakeys.  I know right?  Remember that whole, "SF is the coldest place on earth and it makes me want to cry" rant.  Well, I think I'll whine less with these fantastically beautiful Ugg boots.  Just so you know...those stupid things NEVER go on sale.  Unless you're cool with neon pink sparkle Ugg boots.  Not I.  I like 'em tall, and brown.  Like the rest of the world.  And if you have the gall to even ASK a salesmen if Ugg boots ever go on sale they WILL look at you with a smug expression, mockingly laugh, and educate you on the fact that "the Ugg company produces less boots then there is a demand every year so that they can keep the prices high, and so no...they don't ever go on sale."  Ok, fine.  Just thought I'd ask.
So, I was spoiled this year.  yay.  I can say though that they will be used plenty...certainly not a waste.  I don't get to use them though until my b-day. poo.  Good thing it's actually some what warm today...or I might cheat and sneak them on when Jason's not looking.  :)

Alright folks.  I'm off.  Have a good week. Peace.

Thursday, August 11, 2011


Well, J.  I'm glad YOU were able to comment.  But NOW I can't comment.  Stupid blog.  I have no clue.

This is a test :)

So, I've had a few peeps tell me that they can't comment on my blog.  Can you try now?  I was thinking that it may have to do with my header from before.  It was a predone template that I tweeked...maybe that glitched up the system?  I know nothing about computers so I threw up (no, I didn't puke) my own header pic to see if it makes any difference.  It's totally out of proportion with the blog but whatev.  If this solves it then I'll do a more permanent, different header.  Grass-ee-us.

PS:  Side note: I checked out the gym with Jas yesterday (the one I mentioned in the previous post).  To die for AWESOME!  I'm so excited.  This was the smaller one of the two and it was so freakin cool.  Can't wait to see the SF one that I'll be going to on Saturdays.  (With the membership you get access to all 3 locations)  The one by my work I'll do on the weekdays and the SF one I'll do during the weekend.  yay.  Time to go down south and get my climbing shoes and chalk bag from my parents house!  :)  (I think Jason was jealous...but he chose his martial arts gig!  Can't have everything in life :)  haha. 

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Why is tomorrow Monday?

I should be going to bed I am.

Where did the weekend go? Where does EVERY weekend go?

So, you remember that ridiculous food journey Jason and I embarked on. Yeah, the homemade own. The one that in the end In'N'Out won over the day and made us fail completely and miserably, not even making it to the 2 week mark. Well, we're unofficially back on it. I know. We're crazy. But here's the thing. The fruit of my labors were so beneficial that I hated going back to our old habits. I had more energy, I slept better, my errr..."digestion" was better. ;) The food tasted better. So we're slowly transitioning into making it more of a sustainable lifestyle. Homemade pasta...a go. Homemade chili made from canned beans once in a while...still okay. Not going to kill myself over it but we're going to keep it rolling. So that's that.

Exploring the gym option as of late. With a little extra income rolling on in from the J-Man...we're exploring some options for us to get off of our butts and get some movement going. Exercise has been a HUGE issue here. A.) I don't really love running in the city. People literally don't stop at all for pedestrians and I'm a trail runner to the core. Road running is not my thing. There is the rustic part of Golden Gate Park to run through buuuuut...not so sure how safe it is in the end to do alone, and it's not that long...and I'd have to drive there and SOME how find parking B.) The weather sucks in the summer...when the days are longer C.) The weather is great in the spring, fall, winter...but the days are short and so it's basically dark by the time I get home. Not safe to run in the dark. D.) Even if it WAS sunny, and beautiful, and lovely outside when I got's really hard to make myself go once I'm HOME. There's always something to lie on the couch and read. You know, priorities.

So, with Jason starting school it looks like I may be starting a gym. He has some evening classes and so I could go after work...or better yet...BEFORE work. It's a yoga/climbing gym. I know can it GET any more hippie? But, it's totally my thing and I'm pretty excited. They have awesome climbing walls (both boulder and belay) and yoga classes all through out the day. There's also a cardio/weight area like a typical gym. So, we'll see. Jason is going to check it out with me and if it looks bueno I think I may go for it. Jason wants to do some martial arts apparently. But, we have to save up for his and get a little creative with budgeting as his exercise endeavor is just a tad more pricey than mine :). I think we can pull it off though.

Ahhh. Exercise. How I've missed you.

And that's it.

Now, off to bed! Hope everyone have a great week! Peace! :)