Saturday, January 7, 2012

Moving away...


Well, I'm moving...moving to a different blog.  Apparently this one has some bad ju ju or something and will not let people comment.  Darn you blogger.

Anyways, so I know it's a big fat pain in the rump because if I'm on your blog roll you have to change the address and yada yada but.....sorry.  Turns out I am a bit narcissistic and blogging is really not quite so fun with a comment or two.  Go figure.

If this fixes it great.  If not.  I'm throwing this laptop out the window.  (haha.  That's ok, this is Jason's lappy.  Mine is tucked away safe in it's case :)  )

So, here ya go. (I KNOW right.  I am so dang clever....just say it.  You'll feel better afterward)  <3  See ya over there ya'll.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Picture Post!

Here are some pictures that have no real connection...but are pictures of the last couple months none the less!

 Some punk called this a "Charlie Brown" tree.  Whatever.  I thought it was lovely.  :)
 He will always take every opportunity to saw or chop something...  :)

Our tree all lit and pretty...before "Our Christmas"...which usually falls the night before we leave to go down south to see the fam. 
Quilt 1 of 2 (that I gave to our moms for Christmas).  I was so rushed to finish the 2nd one before we went down south that taking a picture of it was the last thing on my mind.  I loved them both though.  :)  I will never do that again.  Really.  :)
This year I tried to be creative with wrapping presents by using things I already had in the home.  I used many a brown Trader Joe bags.  I used lots of yarn for ribbon, and puff paint.  I even made envelope type things out of extra felt I had to hold small gifts.  It felt good to get rid of stuff from the craft not spend extra money...and to put a little more time into the wrapping process.

With the extra batting and fabric from the backside of the above quilt I made a little pillow for our bed.  awe.  Ain't it sweet.
Present Time. :)
Stocking stuffers (Asian candy!)  My fav.  :)
And to finish it all off...some pictures of our lovely hike through the redwoods today.  Have a great week everyone!

By the way.  Jason has a piece of candy in his mouth that he's shoved into his cheek.  That's why one looks a little more chubby than the other.  And I was thinking I could help carry your groceries with those bags under my eyes...  :)