Saturday, January 7, 2012

Moving away...


Well, I'm moving...moving to a different blog.  Apparently this one has some bad ju ju or something and will not let people comment.  Darn you blogger.

Anyways, so I know it's a big fat pain in the rump because if I'm on your blog roll you have to change the address and yada yada but.....sorry.  Turns out I am a bit narcissistic and blogging is really not quite so fun with a comment or two.  Go figure.

If this fixes it great.  If not.  I'm throwing this laptop out the window.  (haha.  That's ok, this is Jason's lappy.  Mine is tucked away safe in it's case :)  )

So, here ya go. (I KNOW right.  I am so dang clever....just say it.  You'll feel better afterward)  <3  See ya over there ya'll.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Picture Post!

Here are some pictures that have no real connection...but are pictures of the last couple months none the less!

 Some punk called this a "Charlie Brown" tree.  Whatever.  I thought it was lovely.  :)
 He will always take every opportunity to saw or chop something...  :)

Our tree all lit and pretty...before "Our Christmas"...which usually falls the night before we leave to go down south to see the fam. 
Quilt 1 of 2 (that I gave to our moms for Christmas).  I was so rushed to finish the 2nd one before we went down south that taking a picture of it was the last thing on my mind.  I loved them both though.  :)  I will never do that again.  Really.  :)
This year I tried to be creative with wrapping presents by using things I already had in the home.  I used many a brown Trader Joe bags.  I used lots of yarn for ribbon, and puff paint.  I even made envelope type things out of extra felt I had to hold small gifts.  It felt good to get rid of stuff from the craft not spend extra money...and to put a little more time into the wrapping process.

With the extra batting and fabric from the backside of the above quilt I made a little pillow for our bed.  awe.  Ain't it sweet.
Present Time. :)
Stocking stuffers (Asian candy!)  My fav.  :)
And to finish it all off...some pictures of our lovely hike through the redwoods today.  Have a great week everyone!

By the way.  Jason has a piece of candy in his mouth that he's shoved into his cheek.  That's why one looks a little more chubby than the other.  And I was thinking I could help carry your groceries with those bags under my eyes...  :)

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Adios 2011, Hello 2012

2011 brought: the completion of 1 1/2 yrs of grad school, our 2 year anni, replacing everything possible on our truck, settling into the San Francisco life, embracing my love for all things asian :), pushing my sewing skills to new levels through a LOT of trial and error :), realizing I LOVE the art of pastry, falling more in love with Jesus through a different church than Grace (and loving it), glasses for me, knee injury for Jason, Jiu-Jitsu for Jason, climbing for me, sUrFiNG, trips home and realizing that home is slowly becoming this big, crazy, beautiful, broken city that we live in now, exploring amazing restaurants, hosting various visitors (moms and dads, cousins, aunts and uncles, friends and etc...apparently having an extra bedroom in SF is appealing to many haha), figuring out how to do this thing called marriage when there's little time for each other...and growing stronger through it, following a STRICT budget...and failing at it sometimes, Summer in October, Winter in August, making friends, loving our library, loving each other, life, and our sweet Lord.

2012 will (hopefully) bring: Jason beginning to teach (hello 2nd income), a M.A. diploma, a few cakes for me :), a dramatic decrease in the amount of traffic when I commute (I can dream right??? HA!), deeper relationships, serving our community and church, better stewardship, the information of a possible teaching position (if we go for South America their school year starts in Jan so the reality is that we COULD move as early as this time next year for a teaching position for Jason...yikes.  Not planning on it but we are open to what God has...), more reading, more cooking, organizing this crazy small house with all of our STUFF...I long to purge but Jason won't let me, haha, some thinking/deciding/praying on what it is I would like to do with my life...God a mom, but I feel the need for something...something else practical and compatible with motherhood (esp. when they're older), exploring the bay area a bit more, a snowboarding trip with friends, our 3 year anni in just a couple of months, backpacking this spring/summer, camping, surfing some more, a possible graduation trip for Jason...hoping for Italy...will probably be somewhere cheaper :), keeping in better contact with family and friends, focusing on what matters, loving all.  

So, here's to a great year! We have so much to be thankful for.  Have a Happy New Year everyone.

Peace y'all. :)

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas Already eh?

Dang, I feel like in one post it went from Fall stuff to Christmas stuff.  And for real?  It's been more than 2 weeks since I've posted.  wow.  Where has the time gone?  I guess it's just been a little busy round these parts.

The semester is days away from being done.  I have one word for that.  FINALLY!  What a semester it's been.  I mean, I don't think I imagined it possible for a person to ONLY do school stuff.  He's either at school going to class and doing homework...or he's at home, doing homework (which is probably why I haven't blogged being we have one computer and he's always on it).  He seriously has no time to do any.thing.else.  No Bible study, no exercise, no nada.  We managed to barely preserve Friday night date night....but I mean barely.  :)  So, it's almost done and though I know he is beyond ready to be done.  So am I.  I think we're both a little nervous for next semester as he becomes a slave, er, I mean starts his internship.  He also will be a TA for a prof and add a couple more classes in the could be another nutts-o semester.  I doubt it will top this last one though haha.  Full-time grad school is not for the faint hearted.  And to think...we actually contemplated ME starting grad school this last fall.  HA.  I say HA HA HA to that.  There is no way in heck that would have worked.  It's a good thing the Lord knew that!  :)

So guys, it's Christmas huh?

And I heard SLO is stinking fuh-reezing.  Haha suckers!  :)
It's not like it's been warm here in SF but no freezing temps so I'm good.  Ice and I are not complementing elements. 

And the Christmas shopping, oh there's so much to do.  And I hate trying to think of what to buy.  ugh.  This is what usually happens.  I think "oh I'll get so and so THIS".  I go to the store, go to buy it, then change my mind.  2 hours later I have nothing...for anyone.  Lame.  I don't know why I do this.  Maybe I have trouble letting go of my money  :)  Who knows...?

Anyways, our tree is so pretty and sparkly and once again adorned with purple, blue, pink, green and silver.  AND, watch out!  We went big and bought a real star!  $5 at Target thank you very much.  It's also glittery...I love glitter at Christmas.  Maybe a pic will be posted sometime soon of our tree that some kid called a "Charlie Brown Tree".  Literally.  I was holding it at Home Depot and some dad said, "Oh, how about something like that?"  The kid said, "No way Dad, that's a Charlie Brown tree."  Then I tackled him.  :)  Nah.  I didn't.  I may have glared at him though.  In the dark.  Yeah, I'm brave.  I know. 

Aight, I'm outta here.   Have a marvelous Thursday!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Fall in Picturas

Hey ya'll.

So, I've got some pics for ya.  Some picturas de otono.  I wish I had that squiggly thingy above the "n".  But I don't.  Let us pretend it tis there.

Anyways.  Pure randomness, but enjoy!

For Halloween we always carve us some pumpkins and then roast the seeds.  Mmm. mm.  Here is a poor pumpkin with all of it guts splayed out.  Don't worry little pumpkin.  You will have a face soon.
Oooh, we are so cool, and I kinda look like a freaky cereal killer (HA!  jk, I totally know that it's SERIAL killer.  I ain't no fooh!)

Whatchyou lookin' at?
 Oooh, pretty girl :)  PS: Why yes we DO use paint solvent to remove the marker.  Why yes we DO use a real flame to light the pumpkin.  Meh.  Nothing bad has happened yet ;)

And why is my Halloween cupcake picture sideways?  Because I'm too lazy to delete it, go retrieve it again, turn it counterclockwise one click, and wait the 5 min. to reload it.  See, it's kind of a long process.  Way harder than you just turning your head a smidgen clockwise.  Muchas gracias.

AND because I apparently have far too much time on my hands here are some crafty things I've done lately.  A local craft surplus store has ridiculous amounts of wine corks...a bag for a $1.  So, I whipped out an E monogram.  E for excellent.  E for enthusiastic.  E for... E for Eat Everything.  E for our last name.  :)  It came out kinda cool.  Gotta love hot glue.  Oh, and the dead weeds have since been removed.  Have no fear.

 Also, I have a TON of yarn and some extra felt and thought I'd put it to use.  BTW, wrapping that ridiculous foam thing took forever.  And I got a little sloppy.  haha.  But really, am I a perfectionist?  Let us all answer together, "Nooo, Anna, you are not a perfectionist."  Thank you class.  Anyways, this is not the permanent home for this sucker.  It's going to go on our nice white front door but I am too lazy to hang it.  One day.  Until then it sits wedged around this picture  :)

And finally, a yummy pumpkin cake/coffee cake creation.  I call it the Alton Garten pumpkin cake and it was DELishious.  Yes, I know how to spell that.   :)  So, take THIS PUMPKIN BREAD recipe of Alton Browns.  (I used 1 can of pumpkin junk instead of the fresh stuff and didn't use the pumpkin seeds).  And substitute the pumpkin batter for Ina's non pumpkin batter on THIS COFFEE CAKE RECIPE.  Make Ina's recipe just like she says with all the yummy fixings but with Alton's pumpkin bread batter...and you have the Alton Garten yummy fall pumpkin cake... it is SO good.  And I used a bundt pan with the "bottom" as the "top" instead of the pan she has...that I don't...hence the use of the bundt.  yeah.

**Tip: Make it the day before.  It is so moist that there is no risk of it drying out and the flavor gains so much depth and richness with a days rest.  Maybe the night before for a yummy scrummy breakfast the next day??  mmm mm.**

 And THAT my friends is what we have been up to.  Well, me I guess.  Jason mostly just studies!  Oh the life of a grad student (OH, the grad student who btw got into the internship that will give him a teaching job starting this summer.  Only 4 openings and he snagged one.  What a studdly muffiny man I have).

AND, it's Thanksgiving this Thursday.  Doesn't get much better than that!  Can't wait to see me some family this weekend!  Have a great T-Day all!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Post.

This is the last push.  Vacation time is in sight.  I have Fri, the weekend and then, Mon-Wed. to get through.  Then I'm Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!  4 more working days.  Ug.  I am in definite need of a vacation.  Where are we going you ask?  NO where is where.  Well, down south for Tday but that's it.  I don't need to go anywhere really.  As long as my going nowhere involves me not going to work I will be content.  It's been far too long (You'd think I have 2 weeks off by the way I'm raving.  It's just 5 days, haha.  I'll take what I can get)

Last weekend I was in Monterey for work.  I took many, many classes.  But, our hotel was paid for and all so that was marvelous.  We went out to eat a couple of times and enjoyed ourselves.  Jason had a ton of homework, go figure, and so he was studying away while I was in class.  It'll be nice to do nothing this weekend.  Well, except clean my house, my house needs to be desperately cleaned.  Wanna do it for me?

I totally jacked my neck up.  Wanna know how?  By putting on my shirt at the gym.  Yeah, I'm a genius.  I didn't want to pull the bobby pins out that were so efficiently pinning back my absurd quantities of whispys and so I did some weird neck contortion in order to get my head through the shirt hole I can't move my neck.  ug.  Switching lanes during rush hour was a bit sketch.  I made it safe though and just "assumed" there was no one in my blind spot.  :)

Ate cereal and chips for dinner.

Jason is doing a late night presentation preparation thing.

I took the opportunity to not cook with great excitement and ate the very first thing that sounded yummy and easy.  Cereal and chips.  mmmm.  yum.  And there's like no dishes.  Oh wait.  There's still the sink full from last night.  Ah poop.

Alright, off to do those dishes I guess (yeah, right, I'm totally playing Wii instead).

Peace to yu'r mother. Have a fantastically amazing weekend.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

20 Confessions (which ended up being a bit long) Enjoy!

20. I HATE flossing and only do it about 3x's a week at the most.  Don't care if my breath stanks.  Don't like doing it.

19. I wear holey socks almost all the time...which makes for awkwardness in our large asian community where we have to take our shoes off upon entering a house.  I almost always forget to wear my one pair that is holeless :)

18. Sometimes celebrity gossip (just spelled that word as "gosep" and couldn't figure out why it looked weird. duh.) is totally interesting to me.  I really refrain from reading it as a whole but it is so hard to not be just a TAD interested in all those headlines at the grocery checkout.  ;)

17. Wedgies are the worst and I pick them in public all the time...though I try to be discreet.

16. Potty humor is hilarious to me.

15. When I was 7 my friend had the brilliant (NOT) idea to play a trick on our little 5 year old neighbor.  So, I, yes I peed in a cup and we told my neighbor that it was lemonade.  We didn't think she'd believe us (so why we attempted this is beyond me), but she actually went to take a gulp.  We were SO horrified that she was going to do it we screamed out, "Nooooo!  It's not lemonade, you can't drink it!!!"  She looked so confused and wanted to know what it was.  Not wanting to get in trouble we refused to tell her and so she threw the cup at my friend, dumping my urine all over my partner in crime, hahaha.  I think I got a little back-splash too. Phew.  Glad I got that off my chest.  (PS: We may or may not have bribed her with candy to not tell her mom about what we tried to make her do).  A stellar child was I. :)

14. I get far, FAR too much satisfaction in completing a climbing route that a boy just tried to complete but failed at.

13. It's really easy for me to become complacent. 

12. I have watched 27 Dresses about 50 times, literally.  Not because it's a fantastic movie but because it's one of the few movies I own and when I used to live by myself I would fall asleep to it so that the house wasn't silent.  (It had to be a movie that I've already seen so I wouldn't stay up to see what happened next, hehe)

11. Fashion overwhelms me.  I like to feel "pretty" and yet I get tired of what I own so quickly that it seems pointless to try to keep up.  I would be cool living in a pair of jeans, rainbows, and a white tshirt for the rest of my life.

10.  Speaking of white tshirts.  I go through those things like toilet paper.  :)  I have a serious case of YPS.  You know...Yellow Pit Stains?!  I can't figure out how to get rid of it.  I pretty much bleach my shirts every 3rd time I wear them to keep up on it.  Literally.  Any ideas?  Anyone else have this prob.?  Probably not.  I just sweat a lot. blak.  Jason says we should bottle the stuff and sell it to the National Defense...that they could use it for their chemical warfare or something.  hahaha.  Swell husband, swell.  (BTW: I think he's seriously hilarious.  We have a very "unique" relationship :)

9. I don't mind working.  I mean I'd be cool with cutting it down a more like part time...but working is not a burden for me...leading to the next confession...

8.  Being a mom freaks me out beyond belief.  A. You become HUGE.  B.  Said cause of hugeness exits your body some how (which is still a horrifying mystery to me).  C. You don't get sleep for at least a year.  D. Then said being begins to use their legs and you have to make sure they don't kill themselves.  E. Then they start school and you have to make sure they learn and do well.  F. They become a teenager (don't even get me started on THAT.  G. College?  Do you know HOW much college is???  PHEW!!!  See?  Freaky stuff.  :)

7. About once a month I try talking Jason into ditching church.  He's always so good and makes me go.  EVERY once in a while though I'm successful. hehe.

6. I have no desire for a smart phone.  As in zero.  They're so expensive per month and I'm afraid I'll check the internet/Facebook/etc. non stop.  I feel like I already do that too often.  Though...the camera aspect on the iphone is cool. That you can just directly post your pictures without uploading and finding the cord and all that nonsense is some what tempting.  Some what.  :)

5. I was tailgated two days ago by some 60 year old guy in a sports car.  I mean, he was ON my tail...I think closer than I've ever seen.  I couldn't go faster though since it was 6:00 rush hour traffic and there was someone in front of me.  I was so irritated that when he went by me finally I, with out thinking, went to raise my left hand to give him the one finger salute.  Seriously?  Who am I?  I caught myself and laughed out loud.  Golly-gee.

4. I feel kinda bad when I kill a bug.  I know.  It's so stupid but I really do.  You can imagine then how I totally fell apart watching the movie "Homeward Bound" as a kid.  Those poor animals getting hurt, and lost, and then they keep making you think that one dies.  Ugh.  It's was just too much.

3. I smoked a cigarette for the 1st time when I was 12.  I talked my best friend into wanting to try it too.  Then together we talked our OTHER friend whose mom smoked into taking one of her cigarette's so we could try it.  Then we went into the woods and smoked it.  Apparently from afar one of our younger neighbors (Yes, the same one we tried to get to drink pee) saw us and said, "Ooooh, I'm telling your moms that you were smoking"  Being the quick-thinking little liar that I apparently was I told her, "No!  We were smoking bubble gum cigarettes." (remember those?  the one's with the "powder sugar smoke").  Anyways, she believed us and asked if we had any more.

2.  I judge others far too often and don't judge myself enough.

1. I confess that I took far too long on this, wasting time, and that I think Jason is a hotty.  End of confession.