Monday, November 21, 2011

Fall in Picturas

Hey ya'll.

So, I've got some pics for ya.  Some picturas de otono.  I wish I had that squiggly thingy above the "n".  But I don't.  Let us pretend it tis there.

Anyways.  Pure randomness, but enjoy!

For Halloween we always carve us some pumpkins and then roast the seeds.  Mmm. mm.  Here is a poor pumpkin with all of it guts splayed out.  Don't worry little pumpkin.  You will have a face soon.
Oooh, we are so cool, and I kinda look like a freaky cereal killer (HA!  jk, I totally know that it's SERIAL killer.  I ain't no fooh!)

Whatchyou lookin' at?
 Oooh, pretty girl :)  PS: Why yes we DO use paint solvent to remove the marker.  Why yes we DO use a real flame to light the pumpkin.  Meh.  Nothing bad has happened yet ;)

And why is my Halloween cupcake picture sideways?  Because I'm too lazy to delete it, go retrieve it again, turn it counterclockwise one click, and wait the 5 min. to reload it.  See, it's kind of a long process.  Way harder than you just turning your head a smidgen clockwise.  Muchas gracias.

AND because I apparently have far too much time on my hands here are some crafty things I've done lately.  A local craft surplus store has ridiculous amounts of wine corks...a bag for a $1.  So, I whipped out an E monogram.  E for excellent.  E for enthusiastic.  E for... E for Eat Everything.  E for our last name.  :)  It came out kinda cool.  Gotta love hot glue.  Oh, and the dead weeds have since been removed.  Have no fear.

 Also, I have a TON of yarn and some extra felt and thought I'd put it to use.  BTW, wrapping that ridiculous foam thing took forever.  And I got a little sloppy.  haha.  But really, am I a perfectionist?  Let us all answer together, "Nooo, Anna, you are not a perfectionist."  Thank you class.  Anyways, this is not the permanent home for this sucker.  It's going to go on our nice white front door but I am too lazy to hang it.  One day.  Until then it sits wedged around this picture  :)

And finally, a yummy pumpkin cake/coffee cake creation.  I call it the Alton Garten pumpkin cake and it was DELishious.  Yes, I know how to spell that.   :)  So, take THIS PUMPKIN BREAD recipe of Alton Browns.  (I used 1 can of pumpkin junk instead of the fresh stuff and didn't use the pumpkin seeds).  And substitute the pumpkin batter for Ina's non pumpkin batter on THIS COFFEE CAKE RECIPE.  Make Ina's recipe just like she says with all the yummy fixings but with Alton's pumpkin bread batter...and you have the Alton Garten yummy fall pumpkin cake... it is SO good.  And I used a bundt pan with the "bottom" as the "top" instead of the pan she has...that I don't...hence the use of the bundt.  yeah.

**Tip: Make it the day before.  It is so moist that there is no risk of it drying out and the flavor gains so much depth and richness with a days rest.  Maybe the night before for a yummy scrummy breakfast the next day??  mmm mm.**

 And THAT my friends is what we have been up to.  Well, me I guess.  Jason mostly just studies!  Oh the life of a grad student (OH, the grad student who btw got into the internship that will give him a teaching job starting this summer.  Only 4 openings and he snagged one.  What a studdly muffiny man I have).

AND, it's Thanksgiving this Thursday.  Doesn't get much better than that!  Can't wait to see me some family this weekend!  Have a great T-Day all!

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