Monday, August 23, 2010

Last Week in Photos

THE CAKE...So for those of you who don't know my grandparents just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. I wasn't able to make it to the party and so as a "gift" I made them an anniversary cake. Grandma wanted to have it look just like a little wedding cake. So, I went to work. I had so much fun! It wasn't perfect by any means but it was worlds better than the last one. Can't wait for cake #3! :) The cake is a white fondant cake with white buttercream piping here and there!
Putting a few finishing touches on it...the thing took WAaaaaAy longer than I thought it would. So fun though and totally worth it!
TADA! All finished. It turned out the most stressful part of the whole thing was transporting it the next day. ugh. My truck has no AC and so I was terrified that it was just going to melt into a puddle once I got into Atascadero. It didn't. hehe
SF FOOD FESTIVAL...We went last weekend and it was great fun. We ate Malaysian food (including rose milk) and Chilean empanadas. We also found Tartine! The bakery I have been raving out and it was as AMAZING as I thought it would be! Yum.

There were so many people! Seriously we had to wait in line forever and a day...only to find out that they were out of empanadas and we had to wait an EXTRA 20 min for them to make more. They were worth it though for sure...
Yum. Ok, got to go! The library is closing and it's time for me to check out my 12 cookbooks! hehe :)

Friday, August 20, 2010

Two Things I'm Excited For...

Thing #1:
The SF Street Food Festival
Blocks and blocks of good food from all over the world. It's this Saturday and I am really excited to go get my grub on. Yum. Top on my list to try are Kasa and Sabores del Sur.

Thing #2:
My oh so lovely friend Autumn aka as my maid-o-honor and her hubby are moving to me. She really missed me and talked her huz into uprooting their life in SLO to come live near us! Haha Ok, maybe not. In actuality he got a job about 20 min. from where we live...NICE! I'm superty duperty excited to have me an amiga here in nor-cal. Yay! :) They are moving in a couple of weeks. I see many a shopping trips and coffee dates in our future!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

*SiGh*, the SUN!

So, big news...

The SUN came out in our SF 'hood yesterday! Jason sent a me a text telling me. He was slightly excited. First time in just about 3 weeks. When I drove back into SF after work the sun was still mostly out. Some observations...

1. The ocean is really close and really beautiful. haha. Didn't really realize it until yesterday. You stare directly at it as you're driving down our street toward our house.

2. Everything looks better with the sun. Our neighborhood is so cute. haha.

3. The sun is a real mood lifter. I swear people were more courteous drivers with the sun shinning.

So, that was exciting.

In other news, Jason has orientation on Fri and then next Tues. I ship him off to school! :) Aaaw, his first day of grad school. How cute. Definitely a picture op if you ask me!

On Sunday we are going to pop over to the City Church. It's our first time trying a church up here. I'm excited. The church seems super solid. It's had many great recommendations. I love that they believe in preaching the gospel to both nonbelievers AND believers. They have incredible outreaches. Ministry to the homeless, those with AIDS, and etc. It seems like there are some huge opportunities to be stretched far beyond our comfort. One difference though...there are female deacons AND elders. It's funny because this totally rubs me weird even though it seems that there isn't explicit Scripture against this. I know Grace is possibly moving toward this...maybe. :) (Oooh, ooh, soap box time! Watch out!) I guess to me it seems that we are in a culture that is so dominated by women already. If we have them take these roles also than it seems possible there will ONLY be women in these roles...that the men will just slump away. Woman have decided that the typically male roles are better...therefore leaving men to feel "purposeless" since there are so many women occupying what previously was their role. So, the seemingly male response? Backing off and choosing to have no role at all. Does that make sense? Anyways, there are actually more male then female elders (I counted, haha) and so this theory isn't correct in this circumstance...which is good!

All in all, I'm excited to hear the Word! It's been 3 weeks since we've been to church and I am missing me some preachin', that's for sure.

What else? mmm. Oh I did another cake this last weekend. It was my grandparents 50th anniversary. So I baked a two tier cake. Grandma wanted it to look like a wedding cake...and so it did! It was super fun, and also super time consuming (I'm thinking it took about 6 hours). Honestly, I LOVE baking and decorating cakes. I have endless ideas in my head and I'm pretty certain that I'm going to bake MYSELF one for my birthday, hahahaha. Just to practice. Theirs's was a white fondant cake. I will post a couple of pictures as soon as I have our camera and the internet in one location. Maybe this weekend.

Anyways, I learned a lot and made huge improvements between the 1st cake (the fish cake) and this last cake. For example, you HAVE to hand carve the whole cake to make it perfectly smooth...filling in the holes with frosting doesn't cut it. hehe. The carving is super time consuming too. The time spent is well worth it have a nice and smooth fondant coating if you do it right. Also, refrigerating the fondant does actually make it more manageable (go figure since the recipe SAID to do it). Also, TV is so beneficial. Watching Ace of Cakes has done wonders, hehe. TV isn't always a complete waste of time! ;)

Alright, so, I'm done! Hope everyone has a good rest of the week! <3

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Road Mysteries and Such

Hello all,

Well, I'm actually writing a post...and not a title. nice. Anyways, things are good here. I've been at my job now for about 2 weeks. There was a bit of an adjustment period but overall I really like it. The commute is about the same as the one from Morro Bay to SLO. Although, on the way home it takes longer...more people on the road for some reason. You would think that those same people would be GOING to work also in the morning but apparently not. One of those mysteries.

Speaking of mysteries. Have you ever been driving on the freeway and looked to see a dead ground squirrel. The one's that really get me thinking are the one's that don't look flattened by car wheels and are on the SIDE of the freeway...not in the middle of the lane. I've noticed this down south on Highway 1 also. I'm just trying to figure out how this works. It wasn't' killed by a tire...and if it was, how in the world did it get to the side of the road? Did some one stop and drag it to the side after they hit it? Did some one see it start to cross the road and then swerve and yell out, "Squirel! 10pts!" in order to hit. All of these things make no sense since the squirrel isn't FLAT! It literally looks like it stepped out onto the asphalt and had a heart attack right there. Maybe it was the heat of the road???? Ok, so this is what I think about on my commutes. :)

Our house is great. A bit small and so it's taking some creativity and a few trips to IKEA to figure out how to arrange everything. All in all it's good. What's not so good is the weather where we live. Not a sunny day yet. As in...the sun hasn't even APPEARED! Pure and solid fog. With bouts of mist. Blak. Apparently we live in a little micro climate because last Sat. we took the muni to the downtown area where we took part in what will now be a weekend ritual...Blue Bottle Coffee. To. Die. For. Yummmm. Anyways it was sunny there while it was cloudy where we lived. Oh well.

We also got to see a free ballet down the road from our house. Awesome. I love how big cities have so much to offer culturally. Super fun. I REALLY want to see an Opera though. Can't wait for that season to come around.

Anyways, that's all for now. Hope all is well with ya! :)