Thursday, March 31, 2011

10 Things About Him and I...

I'm joining up with this pretty mama of many's a cute idea.
I'm also at a loss for things to blog about so this topic will keep this bloggy blog going for just a little bit longer! :)

So, here you go. 10 things about J and I.

1. First off and most obvious to me...Jason and I's affection levels are completely different. Jason is very affectionate and I, not so much? He insists that I kiss him as soon as I wake up, when I leave, when I come home, and etc. I would probably never do it if it wasn't for him. Isn't that horrible!!!! Sheesh. I'm a terrible wife. I just "forget" though! The Lord knew who I should marry that's for sure. (I'm so glad that he brings the affectionate side out of me...I think that it's actually changing me to be more affectionate in the long run. Probably a little like training a dog. Eventually it will bring you the paper without you asking it to. :) )

2. As far as interests and things we enjoy doing, we are pretty much the same. As far as personality, we are pretty much the opposite.

3. When we first met I thought he was super cute and funny...but wasn't sure if he was "deep enough". Now I'm pretty certain that he is 50 x's more "deep" than I. :)

4. If we see a homeless person Jason is always the one who wants to buy him/her something to eat/drink. I'm always the one who hesitates (I think this thing is revealing far too much about myself, yikes).

5. My favorite day of the week is Friday where I make pizza, we borrow some super scratched up, barely watchable library DVD, and we curl up on the couch. Simple. Sweet. Love it.

6. We dated for 3.75 years, were engaged for .5 years, and have been married just over 2 years. That means we've been together for almost 6.5 years! Crazy weird.

7. Marriage was a very easy transition for us. Maybe because we'd been together 4 1/2 years once we got married???? I'm not sure what to attribute it to. I know though that I was expecting a lot of "surprises" and well...there weren't that many (though there were some). It turned out that I knew a lot of his flaws already...and I think he knew mine too! hehe.

8. Because of Dave Ramsey we've permanently deemed ourselves "The Nerd" and "The Free Spirit." It fits us perfectly. Can you guess who's who? :)

9. Though he's affectionate, we both are totally not into pet names. Like, "Babe, Baby, Sweetie, etc." Totally not our thing. Though we do ham it up and gush jokingly with pet names on occasion just for fun. (I have a friend who says that's it weird to call her husband by his name...because they only use pet names! Cracks me up!)

10. Honestly, I'd say neither of us married who "we imagined we would". And's just who the Lord knew we should marry. We are really a perfect fit. We are soooo so so different and yet soooo so so right for each other. We are best friends. BFF's yo! :) I think we may get matching necklaces even! :) Ok, maybe not...

Friday, March 18, 2011

A Neglected Blog

This is a very much neglected blog wouldn't you say? I'm having trouble finding motivation to keep it up and in the thought has crossed my mine to abandon it all least until I enter a more "blog-worthy" stage of life. Now what stage that would be? I have no clue. Maybe when I start popping out babies or like 25 years when I'm finally a grown up. :)

Things have been pretty good around these parts. Jason is still working away at school. I'm still working. Last weekend Jason came down with a flu/cold. Three days later he graciously shared it with me. I have had a lot more trouble kicking it then him. I've been going to work through it though which has probably kept me from healing in the way that I should. I've been amazed as of late with modern meds. For instance, DayQuil Cold and Flu. I can have a full on fever but if I take that...I feel half way human, at least until it wears off. What did people DO before this stuff? They probably actually stayed home and rested rather than going to work, haha. I decided to stay home today though and slept in till 11:30. Oh yeah! Everyone needs a good 13.5 hours of sleep every once in a while.

What else? What else?

I have a friend from Chile in town. She was a 4 month volunteer in our city. She is from Texas but has a cousin in San Francisco. She just came into town yesterday and I am super excited to see her and hang out. (Part of the reason I opted to stay home hopes I'll feel well enough to actually be ABLE to see her).

Que mas?

Hmmm. Well, I've hit the wall. I think I need a nap.

Good night.