Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Not-So Mine Garden and Some Other Stuff

So, I really feel guilty saying "My Garden".'s not my garden. I don't maintain it. I've planted some things but Jason keeps it going. It's like when I say "my truck". It's not REALLY my truck. I didn't buy it. Jason had it before we got married. He maintains it. (But I make the money to fill it with gas!). But still, I's MY truck. I've claimed it. I love it. It will be a sad day when it dies...or we have to sell it. I love the garden too. I like to go out on Saturday and look at it. See how big the plants have got (it's usually been a week since I've seen it last) :) haha. So, I say it's MY garden. :) So look. Here is a pic of the garden when we first did it...Remember this one?Now look at it. So big and bountiful. The flowers are way bigger now.
Our tomatoes. Lookin' good. In the pots are tons of french cut green been sprouts....which I just transplanted. Yay me! :)

And the weird squash plants. I can not for the life of me figure out why it goes from small, medium, to large. They were the same stinking size when I planted them. Weird. Also those spindly things are red onions. (which come in a month we are going to have a TON of.) I wonder how you know they are ready... Also that row of leafy things are radishes. Mmmm. I love radishes. Not sure if I love them THAT much though. There are a lot. haha

In other news. Here is the latest cake...for my co-workers b-day. She's a fan of Hello Kitty. I had a lot of fun with this one...and I totally accomplished black frosting! yaya! I hope she ate it. haha. She told me she wouldn't. It's weird. You put all this time into it has to be eaten. That's the point. And it's yummy! Why waste something yummy?!? I like my cakes to be eaten. **Side Note: Isn't it so fun to give things to people who have great reactions? It's not about the giver obviously but when you give something to someone it's so fun to have the person get REALLY excited. That's totally my coworker. Love her.**
Ok, I think that's it. Really. It's all I can muster for a post today folks. Hope you enjoyed. Off to lay my head upon my pillow and dream of...hmmm. Speaking of dreams. Did you know that when I was a little girl, before bed, I used to pray to God that I would, and I quote, "Have good dreams tonight with lots of unicorns". The memory is so vivid that I'm a little worried to find out at what age I QUIT praying this. 13? 16? hmm. Some things are better left unknown. Welp, Good Night! I hope you gave good dreams with lots of unicorns! :)

Monday, May 9, 2011

Random. 2005-now.

Haha. Look at me. I was looking through old pics and was REALLY noticing how young I looked....just say 4 years ago. Here's a progression since 2005. I look like a little girl. I wish I could go back even farther but this is all I have! It's harder to see a difference in the later years but I WILL say...I see a few extra lines and bags that were not there in 2005 and 2006. :) I also slimmed WAY down in 2009 apparently. I didn't mean to but maybe the combo of gettin' hitched, LOVING Kennedy Fitness, AND consistently mountain biking shrunk me down. (although I literally have ALL of those clothes still...and they fit the same. whatev') Ugh. Anyways, I miss the gym.

Summer 2005

Summer 2006 (with the retainer that I was soon to dump into a McDonald's trash can where I literally DUG through people's half eaten Big Mac's and fries...and didn't find it)
Summer 2007---why is this underlined?--I miss that tank top...
Summer 2008
Summer-ish 2009

Summer-ish 2010

I'm all grown up now. :)

Alright! Let's see it peeps! Your turn...go back as faaaaaaaar as you can though :)

**Oh my GOSH I need to seriously get a new hairstyle. It's the same...just up or down the WHOLE time. ha! Nice. I'm totally going to be that mom who's still rockin' the "do" from the 2000's. **