Monday, May 9, 2011

Random. 2005-now.

Haha. Look at me. I was looking through old pics and was REALLY noticing how young I looked....just say 4 years ago. Here's a progression since 2005. I look like a little girl. I wish I could go back even farther but this is all I have! It's harder to see a difference in the later years but I WILL say...I see a few extra lines and bags that were not there in 2005 and 2006. :) I also slimmed WAY down in 2009 apparently. I didn't mean to but maybe the combo of gettin' hitched, LOVING Kennedy Fitness, AND consistently mountain biking shrunk me down. (although I literally have ALL of those clothes still...and they fit the same. whatev') Ugh. Anyways, I miss the gym.

Summer 2005

Summer 2006 (with the retainer that I was soon to dump into a McDonald's trash can where I literally DUG through people's half eaten Big Mac's and fries...and didn't find it)
Summer 2007---why is this underlined?--I miss that tank top...
Summer 2008
Summer-ish 2009

Summer-ish 2010

I'm all grown up now. :)

Alright! Let's see it peeps! Your turn...go back as faaaaaaaar as you can though :)

**Oh my GOSH I need to seriously get a new hairstyle. It's the same...just up or down the WHOLE time. ha! Nice. I'm totally going to be that mom who's still rockin' the "do" from the 2000's. **


  1. You're going to be a MOM??

    I KNOW I look older... it's kinda actually really depressing. I'm just wondering what happened to my skinny arms and small waist...

  2. Is it totally vain that I started using face hopes to minimize wrinkles and lines around my eyes (even if it's for the future). Seriously!? WHO am I?!?

  3. I LOVE this idea! Totally took it from you and put it on my blog. Love the different photo's of you.

  4. Yay Ana! I'm going to look right now! :)