Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Post.

This is the last push.  Vacation time is in sight.  I have Fri, the weekend and then, Mon-Wed. to get through.  Then I'm Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!  4 more working days.  Ug.  I am in definite need of a vacation.  Where are we going you ask?  NO where is where.  Well, down south for Tday but that's it.  I don't need to go anywhere really.  As long as my going nowhere involves me not going to work I will be content.  It's been far too long (You'd think I have 2 weeks off by the way I'm raving.  It's just 5 days, haha.  I'll take what I can get)

Last weekend I was in Monterey for work.  I took many, many classes.  But, our hotel was paid for and all so that was marvelous.  We went out to eat a couple of times and enjoyed ourselves.  Jason had a ton of homework, go figure, and so he was studying away while I was in class.  It'll be nice to do nothing this weekend.  Well, except clean my house, my house needs to be desperately cleaned.  Wanna do it for me?

I totally jacked my neck up.  Wanna know how?  By putting on my shirt at the gym.  Yeah, I'm a genius.  I didn't want to pull the bobby pins out that were so efficiently pinning back my absurd quantities of whispys and so I did some weird neck contortion in order to get my head through the shirt hole I can't move my neck.  ug.  Switching lanes during rush hour was a bit sketch.  I made it safe though and just "assumed" there was no one in my blind spot.  :)

Ate cereal and chips for dinner.

Jason is doing a late night presentation preparation thing.

I took the opportunity to not cook with great excitement and ate the very first thing that sounded yummy and easy.  Cereal and chips.  mmmm.  yum.  And there's like no dishes.  Oh wait.  There's still the sink full from last night.  Ah poop.

Alright, off to do those dishes I guess (yeah, right, I'm totally playing Wii instead).

Peace to yu'r mother. Have a fantastically amazing weekend.

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