Saturday, January 7, 2012

Moving away...


Well, I'm moving...moving to a different blog.  Apparently this one has some bad ju ju or something and will not let people comment.  Darn you blogger.

Anyways, so I know it's a big fat pain in the rump because if I'm on your blog roll you have to change the address and yada yada but.....sorry.  Turns out I am a bit narcissistic and blogging is really not quite so fun with a comment or two.  Go figure.

If this fixes it great.  If not.  I'm throwing this laptop out the window.  (haha.  That's ok, this is Jason's lappy.  Mine is tucked away safe in it's case :)  )

So, here ya go. (I KNOW right.  I am so dang clever....just say it.  You'll feel better afterward)  <3  See ya over there ya'll.

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